Working Papers

“Coattails and Spillover-Effects: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Concurrent Executive and Legislative Elections” (with Lukas Rudolph, LMU Munich) – available at SocArXiv, revise & resubmit

“The Impact of Group Identity on Coalition Building” (with Denise Laroze, Universidad de Santiago und David Hugh-Jones, University of East Anglia) – revise & resubmit

“Lowering the Quality of Democracy by Lowering the Voting Age? Comparing the Impact of School, Classmates, and Parents on 15- to 18-Year-Olds’ Political Interest and Turnout” (with Sigrid Roßteutscher, Thorsten Faas und Armin Schäfer) – under review

“Voting at the dawn of a global pandemic” (with Max Schaub, Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)) – available at SocArXiv

“Resilience, self-efficacy and political participation” (with Andrea Chmitorz, Claudia Landwehr, Thomas Schroeter and Oliver Tüscher) – available as Gutenberg School of Management and Economics & Research Unit “Interdisciplinary Public Policy” Discussion Paper

“Reduzieren Zustimmungsquoren die Beteiligung an direktdemokratischen Abstimmungen?” (with Thomas Marx, Freie Universität Berlin)

“Differential Mobilization in the EU Multi-Level System and Success for the Populist Radical Right” (with Julia Schulte-Cloos, LMU Munich)

Media and Blogs

I also occasionally write for media outlets and blogs about my research and data analyses I do in my ‘free time.’ See below for a selection of posts.